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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Arnold's Money Problem. Part I

While Washington is spell-bound by the scandal involving Karl Rove's inability to keep a state secret, Arnold Schwarzenegger is having a scandal of his own. It seems Arnold has a bit of a money problem.

Let's walk through the timeline. First, it was reported last Wednesday, July 13th in the Sacramento Bee that Arnold is being paid at least $5 million by a fitness magazine which advertises performance enhancement "supplements", while at the same time he vetoed legislation which would have restricted sales of these "suplements" in California. State Senator Jackie Speier, the author of the vetoed legislation, was a little suspicious.

"It calls into question the veto of my bill last year," said Sen. Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough. "If you recall the veto message, he went out of his way to say that dietary supplements are safe.
"It was an unusual statement that standing alone an elected official would never make. One, because he's not a scientist and two, because of evidence that some dietary supplements are very dangerous."

Then on Thursday July 14th, the LA Times got the story and revealed Arnold's pay is entirely based on the amount of advertising revenue the magazine gets. And just who advertises in these magazines?
Schwarzenegger's two muscle magazines are crammed with ads for performance-enhancing dietary supplements promising chiseled bodies and surges of energy. The 257-page August issue of Muscle & Fitness contains 110 pages of ads for supplements, from creatine ethyl ester to anabolic/androgenic "absorption technology."
That sounds to me like a catalog not a magazine!

So, the Governor of California is paid millions of dollars by a company who sells performance enhancing "nutritional supplements". Then, he vetoes a bill restricting the sale of those same performance enhancing "nutritional supplements". Did he veto the bill because he was getting paid? Or did he get paid because he would veto the bill?

More later...


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