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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Schwarzenegger's Honeymoon Over?

Republicans Squirming on Budget

Today's LA Times reports today on what many in the Capitol have been speculating for weeks. Will Republicans vote for a budget full of gimmicks and accounting tricks? Not that Democrats like to vote for a fiscally irresponsible budget, but if that's what Arnold wants to do, Democrats are more than willing to give him as much rope as he needs to hang himself.

Republican lawmakers, frustrated with the direction of talks over the $103-billion budget, are threatening not to vote for whatever plan emerges from the governor's office. They complain that he is yielding to too many Democratic demands, and that the budget is starting to resemble the kind of spending plan — marked by overspending, irresponsible borrowing and too many fees — that former Gov. Gray Davis would have crafted.

State Sen. Chuck Poochigian (R-Fresno) said "there remain for many of us some very serious questions about where we are." He praised the spending reforms contained in the governor's original January budget, but said those proposals "for the most part have been jettisoned in the process of the last several weeks."

Another veteran Republican lawmaker, who spoke on the condition that he not be identified, was blunter: "If this budget had the name Gray Davis on it, it wouldn't be supported. It walks on the wrong side of the issues relative to the Republican Party."

We always know when a Governor is losing his invulnerability when members of his own party begin to criticize him. That's what happened to Davis during the Energy crisis, and it may be happening now with Schwarzenegger's budget. Stay tuned for conservativbellwetherer, Tom McClintock's speech on the Senate floor when the budget passes sometime next week. McClintock is a true fiscal conservative (wouldn't spend tax money to save his own grandmother from a life of poverty and misery) and this budget of gimmickry stands for everthing McClintock hates. But McClintock is in aawkwardrd position because Schwarzenegger recently held a fund-raiser for him, and this is his party's governor's first budget.

Is it bad that I like to see Republicans squirm?


  • At 9:59 PM, Blogger Jorge Noticiero said…

    Yeah, Jack, I hear that the Republicans are once again holding up the budget, but this time they're eating their own.
    Wonder what that tastes like? Uh, chicken?


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