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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Budget Guru or Budget Witch Doctor?

The people of California unceremoniously and zealously tossed out their democratically elected governor in an unprecedented and wildly successful recall campaign.

Fair enough.

That's what democracy is all about. Bill Clinton gave a consenting adult a blow-job and the country impeached him.

Consider them spanked.

Really hard.

But did we get what we asked for? Has Awnuld performed? Or do we have much of the same, tired ol' thang?
Even the stalwart, extremists have a word for the actor-turned-politician.

Hey, voters, ya happy?

Ultra-thin ego Gropinator takes a bow at every possible turn, imagining the Oscar red carpet that will never be. Even fellow egoist Dan Weintraub finally took a break from his adulation...

Schwarzenegger says he has a three-year plan to bring the budget back into balance. But if he keeps making progress at this rate, it will take him more like 30 years to get the job done.

Don't get me wrong. Weintraub, the "political expert," softened his blow by explaining (on behalf of Schwarzenegger) his motives. However, making excuses for an ingenue is OK in the theater. When thousands of students, parents, children, members of the disabled community, and middle-class taxpayer get the shaft, frankly, there are no excuses.

The 2004-2005 State budget is out very soon. Everyone will take a hit, especially those who can least afford it. Let's hope Democrats are really listening, not to the bogus polls that say voters hate them, but to their consciences, where ideas flourish and decency rules.

By the way, Awnuld has his day coming soon.

Welcome to politics, Gropinator.


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