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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Higher Education Update

Today is technically the deadline to pass a budget in California. I know everyone will be shocked to know that the budget will not be ready. Almost all budget handicappers are forecasting that the budget will be passed by the real deadline, June 30th.

Democrats are once again making their demands crystal clear to the new governor. Lynda Gledhill has the story in the SF Chronicle.

Democratic lawmakers, seeking to soften the blow of funding cuts negotiated between Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and university leaders, worked Monday to craft an alternative plan that would assure eligible freshmen are not turned away from campuses this fall.

Legislative Democrats oppose the governor's plan to redirect 11,000 freshmen from the state's two university systems to community colleges, as well as cuts to financial aid and programs that help disadvantaged students.

That dispute is expected to be a central part of negotiations between lawmakers and the administration as both sides look toward approving the 2004- 2005 budget by July 1.

Republicans say they're intent carrying the Governor's water. They don't care that "the deal" screws a generation of college students by denying them access to the colleges and universities they've earned access to.

Republican lawmakers are sticking with the governor's deals, even if they aren't happy with all of the provisions.

"Once you open up one piece, more people will be wanting to bring things to the table," said Assemblyman Rick Keene, R-Chico, who sits on the joint budget committee. "Sacrifices were made in the short term for long-term stability. If they are now looking at unraveling the short-term actions, it makes me wonder if we will have the long-term stability which I think is necessary."

Here's the bottom line. The Governor and the Republicans are hell bent on dismantling the greatest public university system the world has ever seen. Their first step is shrinking enrollment and significantly raising fees.

Democrats will not stand idly by and watch Republicans destroy California's university system, an institution which is the heart and soul of California's economic expansion over the last 50 years. This blogger is rooting for the Dems. Keep it up guys/gals!

- Jack


  • At 9:53 AM, Blogger Jefe Le Gran said…

    Give em hell, Dems! Don't be afraid of the Terminator!

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